• Main01
    Clapham Junction – Morning Peak Simulation in 3D Environment
  • Main02
    Crowd Density as a Heat Map
  • Main03
    Average Density accumulated over 15 minutes on the Platform Level – expressed in Fruin’s Level of Service
  • Main04
    Stadium Evacuation Simulation
  • Main05
    Evacuation Map
  • Main06
    Edinburgh Waverley Station Concourse – Morning Peak Simulation/Visualisation
  • Main07
    Edinburgh Waverley Station in 3D Environment
  • Main08
    Middle East Sky Train Station – Simple 3D Simulation and Visualisation
  • Main09
    Sky Train Station
  • Main10
    Olympic Park Masterplan – Simulation and 3D Visualisation
  • Main11
    Train Station – 3D Model
  • Main12
    Stadium Egress Bottleneck


Kerbian is a UK based traffic/pedestrian engineering consultancy firm, specialising in pedestrian planning and crowd modelling studies. Kerbian has been founded in 2009 by independent professionals in pedestrian planning field and through strong and successful partnerships extended its capability to provide comprehensive advice in transport planning.
We are able to understand the development business and the need to identify risks and opportunities at an early stage in the project up to completion and delivery – from acquiring a site, through planning, design, construction and operation.


To deliver beyond expectation, on time, within budget.
We are agile, dedicated team of professionals with enthusiastic approach to work.

Our Approach

We treat every project with attention and dedication, always exploring to improve our methodology and processes to ensure swift and comprehensive delivery. We use number of in-house developed tools and optimised processes to reduce the cost and project time. We always audit the results of the studies internally before communicating back to the clients.
We choose to work with the best collaborators for the projects that are requiring additional resource strength. Over the years successful collaboration groups had been organised to fulfil our philosophy and to deliver world class support to our clients.